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Jamia Islamia Botswana

The Founder

Brief Introduction about the Founder of Jamia Islamia Botswana

Mohammad Saleem
Father's Name:
Sulyman (R.A.)
Mother's Name:
Muneera (R.A.)
Date of Birth:
15 May 1958
Place of Birth:
Bridgemont Hospital (Presently Garden City Clinic) Brixton, Johannesburg, S. Africa
Johannesburg, S.Africa
Islamic Primary Education:
23rd Street Madressa, Vrededorp, Johannesburg, South Africa 1964-1971
Hifz: Memorizing of the Holy Quraan:
Ustaad: Sheikh Ismail Hassen (Newclare) Johannesburg  1978-1979
Ustaad: Hafiz Abdurrahmaan Mia(Better known as Molsaheb) (RA) Mia`s Farm 1979-1980
Higher Islamic Education:
Jamia Islamia Dabhel, Gujarat, India
Completed full Aalim Course (Full Theology Course) at the above renowned Institution. 1981-1989
Our principal at that time was Hazrat Moulana Saeed Buzrug Saheb (R.A.) and Our Sheikhul Hadith at that time was Hazrat Moulana Ikram Ali Saheb (R.A.)
Services (Khidmaat):
Vryburg, Northern Cape(South Africa): Imam, Teacher & Daa`ee 1989-1992
Heidelburg, Tranvaal, (South Africa): Imam & Teacher 1992-1995
Palmridge, Germiston,(South Africa): Imam & Teacher 1995-1997
Botswana:Gaborone:  Imam & Teacher 1997-2003
Botswana: Teaching & Daa`ee 2003-2007
Botswana: Gaborone: Jamia Islamia Botswana: Teaching Hifz & Aalim course to mainly reverts  2007-2015 to present.
Make dua Allah Ta`aala accept whatever humble efforts, Ameen