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Jamia Islamia Botswana

Welcome to Jamia Islamia Botswana

By the grace of Allah Taala Jamia Islamia Botswana was estabilished through the hidayat and towfeeq of Allah and the special mentorship of My Beloved Ustaaz, Murshid and Murabbi Hazrat Aqdas Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri (Damat Barakatuhu). Sheikhul Hadith of Jamia Islamia Dabhel, Gujarat, India.

In the year 2007 the institution was registered and the following year 2008 the roots was laid at plot 2854 ext 10 Gaborone Botswana.

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Banking Details


Name: Jamia Islamia Botswana

Bank: Standard Charter Bank

Branch: Broadhurst industrial,Gaborone

Acc No: 0100161849800


Our Aims

Jamia Islamia Botswana’s aims to provide a high standard of education to its students so as to ensure the continual propagation of Islam in their communities. As a result of thes conditions, it is understanderble that most of our students are comfirmed Zakaat recipients.

To establish small centeres in all villagers and rural areas to cater for the islamic needs of the general masses. Our graduates will be Maning those small centres insha-allah.

Our Projects

  • Weekly religious education programmes (Interfaith programme).